A Very Proud Day!

Virtuoso Assistant: online legal PAs

Yesterday was a very proud day for Virtuoso Assistant

The Surrey Law Society Magazine had devoted an entire page to the legal arm of our business.

I’m incredibly grateful to Sue Seakins, Chief Executive of the Surrey Law Society, for her encouragement and support, and for giving me such a fabulous opportunity to bring the services my team and I offer to the attention of Surrey law firms.

From experience, having worked as a legal PA | Paralegal for 16 years, I understand the volume of work which is churned out on a daily basis during the course of civil litigation claims.  I also appreciate the tight deadlines which are set down by the  Courts.

I believe my team of experienced legal PAs and I offer a service of real value, for the following reasons:

  • We understand the UK Court system and appreciate the need for fast and accurate document production;
  • We offer an ‘out of hours’ service which operates outside core office hours;
  • We work ad hoc and charge by the hour; a very cost-effective solution to hiring an employee or a temp;
  • No deposit or a binding employment contracts are required.
  • We pay our own tax and national insurance; we don’t charge for holiday or sickness cover.

As such, we invite legal teams, barristers and legal executives to outsource time-consuming, standard document and correspondence production to us.

Our aim is to support the in-house PA, not to replace her.  She’s worth her weight in gold and her time is better served dealing with more pressing issues.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you wish to speak to us about our legal business support services.

You can either:

  • contact us here;
  • email us at hello@virtuosoassistant.co.uk; or
  • Call Nicky Pasquier on 0118 324 0197.


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