“Are you Eyeballing my Content?”

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So last week I shared some fabulous tips the pros use to attract hundreds of new readers to their blogs.

I promised that I’d that I would follow up this week with another set of top tips so here it is!

I’m really excited to share them with you because, when put them all into practice, they’re going to make such a difference.  Your blog articles are going to ‘pop’ and you’ll start seeing an increase in regular subscribers.

Tip no. 4

Get Emotional!

Just by way of a background, I used to work as a legal PA / Paralegal here in the UK for 16 years before I decided to set up my own small business.  And because I was used to writing correspondence to lawyers, barristers, to the Courts, etc., I tended to be really formal and a bit ‘starchy’!

I hope that’s changed now – has it?

I started exploring Google+ back in October last year;  I was a total novice.  I knew nothing about social media and hadn’t even considered writing a blog for my business.  However, I discovered that Google+ was a goldmine of information.  I decided to make a list of about 10 ‘gurus’ on Google to whom I could turn for the best information about SEO, social media, marketing, blogging, etc.

Wade Harman was one of them.  He has an absolutely incredible personal story to tell.   I’d really recommend setting aside just 10 minutes to read it because his story illustrates just how, with some hard work and determination, you can turn adversity to your advantage and become a top blogger.

Since last year I’ve read a couple of articles Wade has published from his blog, “Bloggers Make Money”, and his website, “Wade Harman”, which suggest that one of the keys to blogging success is to write in such a way that you connect with your readers on an emotional level.  He said,

“In writing powerful content you have to remember that you MUST write content that speaks to people on a personal level”.

You must make a connection with your readers so that they can relate to you, so they see you as a ‘real’ person not just a voice behind a business mechanically churning out uninspiring facts and figures.  Wade makes reference to Ryan Hanley who expanded on this concept in an article on his own blog, “What You Ought to Know About Storytelling Before Writing Your Next Blog Post”.

Tip no. 5

Grab some Eyeballs!

Once you’ve just finished writing your next article you need to attract as many ‘eyeballs’ to your content as possible!

There are various tried-and-tested methods top bloggers use and I’m going to let you into their secrets.

Firstly, invite your readers to SHARE your content and ensure that it’s really easy for them to do so with just one click of a button.   Most blogging platforms offer social media ‘widgets’ to facilitate this but if they’re not available just message me and I’ll send you a ‘cheat sheet’ – it’s really easy to add your own.

I mentioned earlier about a list of ‘gurus’ I turn to whenever I need inspiration – Denise Wakeman is another.

She recently flagged up a clever little app called “Wisestamp” which creates a personalised signature for your emails.

You can see how it works from my signature below; by adding links to your social media profiles you’ll entice recipients to take a look at what you’re doing over on Twitter, for instance, or Pinterest.   You’ll also notice that, by adding an RSS feed from your blog, a link to the latest article will be included.  What better way to invite people to read your content?

Virtuoso Assistant signature Wisestamp

One downside to Wisestamp is that it’s not available to use on Outlook.  However, if you email me direct, I’ll send you a ‘cheat sheet’ about how to optimise your Outlook signature.  Here’s how mine looks:

Virtuoso Assistant Outlook signature: online virtual PAs

Tip no. 6

“Call to Action” Buttons

When next writing try and encourage your readers to interact with you on a regular basis so that you can grow your client base.  Include a form either at the side of your blog or at the foot of each article and ask your readers to sign up to a newsletter or for regular blog updates.

WordPress and Blogger offers a very handy ‘contact’ form to insert into your article.  However, take a look at the two examples below and see which one grabs your attention the most?

Sign-up form, Virtuoso Assistant, virtual PA


The first one, right?  It’s much more eye-catching and interesting.  The second example is quite boring and wouldn’t entice me to sign up to anything (even though I’ve used it before – oops!)

You can include other “call to action” buttons asking your readers to “Click Here” or “Download it Now”.

Call to Action social media buttons Virtuoso Assistant

It’s really simple when you know how to do it.  Email me if you need any tips or advice in this respect, I’d be happy to share a few more secrets with you!

Tip no. 7

Start Sharing!

Finally, when you’ve got all of that in place, you want to post your content across as many of your social media platforms as possible. 

Grab the short URL first for your article from WordPress, or shorten it using something like Bit.ly.

Attach the link to a tweet and post it several times a day for about a week.

Click on your Pinterest button, pick the best image from your article and pin it to your Pinterest board with a link back to your blog.  Add your link to your Facebook timeline or business page with a short synopsis of what your article is about; hopefully the link will pull through an image from your article for visual interest.

On Google+, write out the heading of your article again, include a short summary below together with the link back to your blog and post it to “Public” as well as to all of your circles.  Don’t forget, if you refer to somebody else’s content in your article, give them credit for it by adding a “+” before their name, as Denise Wakeman has done below:

Denise Wakeman Google Plus

So that’s it!  I hope you found this article interesting and useful.  PLEASE do stop to comment or give me a ‘like’ and feel free to share this with your friends.

Oh, and don’t forget, sign up for regular updates!  We’re currently writing some instructional eBooks to help you with social media so add your name and email address and you’ll receive them before anyone else.Sign-up form, Virtuoso Assistant blog, eBooks

See you next week!


11 thoughts on ““Are you Eyeballing my Content?”

    • VirtuosoAssistant says:

      Hi Lynne,
      So SO happy that you like my article and I’m really grateful that you stopped by to let me know. It means so much to me.
      Yes, I knew from your last HOA with Denise that she was your sister-in-law. I linked up with you both when you talked about your own amazing blog – boy did I learn a lot from that!
      Anyway, thanks again – I’m off for a coffee!
      Much love back,

  1. Melissa Ponias says:

    Really great tips Nicky. I will check out Part One. I have not started blogging yet. But will defiantly be using these tips when I do.

    p.s i promise to comment a bit more on your great blogs 🙂


  2. tracym13 says:

    Great advice. I have my blog ready but am a bit nervous of taking that first step. Hopefully the more I read, I will get more confident. 🙂

      • tracym13 says:

        Hi there. I’m afraid that being a bit of a perfectionist means I hesitate to do something until I’ve researched the heck out of it. So many fantastic blogs out there! I feel I don’t actually know where to start really. How to make an impact from the beginning. Does that make sense? 🙂

      • VirtuosoAssistant says:

        If you want to email me I’m very happy to talk things through with you (hello@virtuosoassistant.co.uk). Don’t let your fears hold you back – what’s the worst that can happen?
        Consider this:
        “Be who you are and say what you feel
        Because those that mind don’t matter,
        And those that matter don’t mind”.
        Also remember, everyone started out as a beginner, even the experts!

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