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PicMonkey: the best photo editing software

Remember I said I was going to write a second instalment regarding inbound marketing this week?

I’ve had a change of plan!

I’ve decided to share with you one of the best FREE photo editing tools available – PicMonkey.

How many of you have used it before?

I’ve mentioned previously that visual social media is becoming increasingly important when writing content.  By ‘visual social media’ I mean the use of images, photos, Infographics, Vine videos, YouTube videos, etc, within your blog, tweets, posts on Facebook and Google+, for instance.

Why is it becoming increasingly popular?

Have you noticed how quickly your attention is drawn to a fabulous picture that pops out from your Twitter stream?  They’re a marketer’s dream.

Images serve to promote your brand.  Articles that include beautiful images are more often shared across social media platforms than plain text.  I can’t think of a better way to introduce your brand to a wider audience.

Images can also be optimised for improved SEO.

One person who has been really inspirational to me and has fed my love of visual social media is Donna Moritz from “Socially Sorted” in Australia.  Donna not only has her own business as a social media and content strategist, she also writes for Entrepreneur Magazine, Social Media Examiner, Forbes Magazine and Social Fresh.  She has really wow-ed me with her tutorials and articles.

Donna has shown me that you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing images to incorporate into your content; tools like PicMonkey are free to use and produce images which are equally eye-catching and unique to you and your brand.

So what are we waiting for?

To learn more about PicMonkey, how to create eye-popping, shareable images and drive traffic to your website, just click on the link below and I’ll either write an article or create a tutorial for you.  I’m experimenting a little on how to present my own content at the moment so you may be seeing me in person via a video tutorial (hmmm… could be interesting!)

Sign up PicMonkey Tutorial Virtuoso Assistant


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