How to Use PicMonkey: 9 FREE Tutorials

Use PicMonkey to Edit and Customise Photos for your social media projects!

PicMonkey: the Best Photo Editing Tool

PicMonkey: the Best Photo Editing Tool

So, as promised, here are my video tutorials which I’ve produced for you.  I hope you find them helpful and will get you creating your own stunning photo images for your social media projects.

As you know, VISUAL social media is becoming increasingly important and prevalent … I explained not so long ago that “One Image is worth 1,000 Words“.


  • Images are more engaging;
  • They can convey a message in a very succinct way;
  • A website or blog is more appealing with beautiful images and is more likely to be read than paragraphs of plain text;
  • Images are ‘sharable’ across social media platforms which increases your reach;
  • Images can be customised so that they are unique to you and your brand;
  • Images are great for SEO.

PicMonkey is one of the best photo editing tools available to content writers; it will help you transform rather dull and lifeless photos into beautiful, engaging images unique to you and your brand.

I’ve created a series of short, bite-sized YouTube tutorials which cover most of the features available, which I thought were preferable to one long video.  So work your way through, take time to practice after each tutorial and see what you can do! [I’d recommend opening up each tutorial in YouTube so that you can read any links or comments I make below the video]

Introduction to PicMonkey

PicMonkey: General Features

A quick run-through of all the different features available to edit your photographs.

PicMonkey: Texts

How to insert text boxes, change font colour, size, fade out, enhance etc.  Use for very subtle branding or to add a watermark across your photo.

PicMonkey: Frames

How to enhance your photos with a selection of frames, from simple rounded corners to more ornate frames.  Choose whichever frame suits your website or blog best.

PicMonkey: Overlays

Once you have uploaded your photo, added some text and an appropriate frame, start customising your image by dragging and dropping various icons or pictures from a massive selection of overlays.  This is where you really begin to start creating an image which is unique only to you.

PicMonkey: Textures

Textures change the overall effect of your photo and essentially change the feel of it.   Choose anything from star-bursts, psychedelic stars to a metallic mesh effect or even a brick wall.  Have some fun and get creative!

PicMonkey: Themes

Themes are absolutely wonderful; there are so many options and add-ons to choose from under each heading which range from “Winterland”, “Celebrations”, “Trick or Treat” to my favourite, “Sweethearts”.  You might use these more often if you’re a blogger or if you produce promotional material for children’s events such as invitations, menus, leaflets and flyers.  Enjoy!

I’ll leave you with some  of my own pictures which I created myself with PicMonkey, all of which I’ve used in the past for Twitter, Facebook or my Google+ stream.

Dragons & Dens: my entry for a Sunday evening Twitter competition

Dragons & Dens: my entry for a Sunday evening Twitter competition

Cafe Rosita: Now open

Cafe Rosita: Now open

SIGN UP: an image I used on my blog not so long ago

Rain or Shine: Virtuoso Assistant for Small Businesses

Rain or Shine: Virtuoso Assistant for Small Businesses

Now that you’ve watched my tutorials, could I PLEASE ask you to leave me some comments in the box below? 

This was my first set of tutorials and I’d really welcome your feedback.

Many thanks and see you soon!


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