Landing Pages: How to Arouse a Client’s Curiosity

How to Use Landing Pages to Arouse Curiosity

Landing pages are an essential part of the Inbound Marketing tool box.

The Internet has become a very busy place, certainly over the last 10 years or so, and most folk are suffering from ‘information overload’ on a daily basis. There is a real need to cut through all this noise to make yourself heard.

I recently wrote about the need to write headings which effectively pop out of the page and smack your reader on the nose to grab their attention.

So, once they’ve started reading your article, how can take them by the hand and lead them through to the next stage in the marketing process?

How many of you have read, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, or at least read it to your kids?

You’ll recall how Alice’s boring afternoon is suddenly transformed into a riot of colour and action by a strange rabbit with a large fob-watch which dashes past her and down a rabbit hole?  Alice’s curiosity gets the better of her and she can’t help but follow it down the hole.   Having fallen some way she ends up in a strange hallway surrounded by doors.

What happens next?  Her attention is drawn to an enticing garden but she can’t fit through one of the doors in order to reach it.   However, she notices an intriguing bottle with the words “Drink Me” on it.

There are several things marketers can learn from this wonderful story:-

1)  Alice’s attention is drawn by something out of the ordinary;

2)  Her curiosity gets the better of her and forces her to take action.


You’re going to incorporate these ingredients into your content.

Once you have your reader’s attention, you need to arouse their sense of curiosity and entice them into following you along your marketing adventure.

(Note: only 10% of content writers can successfully hold their reader’s attention long enough to take them to the next stage of their marketing plan.)

So how are you going to keep your client’s attention and entice them down the ‘rabbit hole’ ?

Call to Action Buttons

Use attractive and intriguing “Call to Action” buttons to persuade readers to click and follow you through to the next stage of their adventure.

Tempt your reader with something that’s going to be of value to them.  Use emotive language to urge action.

Call to Action Button



Make it enticing enough to get your customer to click on it and follow you through the rabbit hole and into that hall of doors (your landing page).

Landing Pages

These are web pages which are created to direct your client or customer into taking a particular course of action.  They should always be unique tailored specifically for each new situation.  No two landing pages should be the same.

What are they for?  Essentially they’re tools for you to capture your client’s details in return for something of value, for example, such as a free download, an eBook, a free PowerPoint template.  Having a new client’s name and email address will enable you to build up your client base, which is fundamental to any marketing project, and hopefully convert this new interest into a loyal customer.

Once Alice is standing in the strange hallway, her attention is caught by an intriguing bottle with the words “Drink Me” written on a label.  Curiosity gets the better of her again and she drinks the contents.

AROUSE CURIOSITY: be enticing!

AROUSE CURIOSITY: be enticing!


How are you going to arouse your reader’s curiosity and entice them into leaving you with their name and contact details?

It’s all about psychology, isn’t it?  Understanding what makes a person take a particular course of action.

I read the most interesting article by Fahad Muhammad from Instapage the other day which I found utterly absorbing.
Neil believes that people’s behaviour is influenced by a certain set of circumstances:-

• Curiosity (looking to see what somebody is gazing or pointing at);
• Noticing something out of the ordinary or different;
• Social influence;
• Loss aversion.

By way of example, take a look at this image:

LOOK LEFT: image by InstaPage

LOOK LEFT: image by InstaPage

What did you do?

Despite all logic our attention is led to the right by the arrow.

Use the same strategy on your landing page to steer your client’s attention in the direction you want it.


Click Here Call to Action


Human beings can’t bear missing out on something we consider to be of value, a good deal.  We love a bargain!  How many of you have bought items from a shop offering a “Buy one Get One Free”, or “3 for the Price of 2”?

Try and harness that power of persuasion into your marketing.

Offer free content in exchange for their name and email address.

No one likes to miss out on an opportunity so use language such as, “Hurry … Limited Offer!” to encourage your reader to act now or risk losing something of real value.  Ladies, how many of you have been enticed into buying a make-up palette advertised as a “Limited Offer”?  I certainly have, so try to use that concept in your marketing.

So, your reader has followed you to the end of your marketing adventure; what are the most important pieces of information you want to capture from them?

Digital Sherpa came up with a pretty comprehensive list; you may not need to capture every single point, depending on the nature of your business needs, but the first few are essential:

• First and last name
• Email address
• Phone number
• Company name
• Website address
• Number of employees
• If the business is B2B or B2C
• Job position

Landing Page Resources

If you don’t have anyone to set up landing pages for you, you can create your own quickly and easily with some incredible resources provided by:-

1. Hubspot
2. Unbounce (30 day free trial available)
3. InstaPage


I hope this article has been of value and interest to you.  Please do stop by and let me have your comments, I love reading them.  Oh, and I’d love it if you would share this article –  I’d be eternally grateful!

See you next week!


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