How to Make your Blog More Visible Online

How to Make your Blog More Visible Online

“On 20 February 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr[5] and 75.8 million WordPress[6] blogs in existence worldwide”

Have you figured out how you’re going to get your blog read amongst such competition?

It may seem overwhelming, but fortunately there are plenty of great resources available on the Internet to help the newbie and even more experienced blogger.

When I first started up in October of last year I didn’t have a clue how or what to write about.  I started educating myself by setting up a profile on Google+ and getting to know the blogging ‘gurus’, the ‘movers & shakers’ who wrote the best content about blogging.

From what I’ve already learnt, as long as you follow certain guidelines and strategies, you can make your blog much more visible online.

To summarise, you need to:

  • Write killer titles or headlines to grab a reader’s attention;
  • Write content that’s engaging and funny, perhaps; that resonates with the reader and that’s helpful to them;
  • Create eye-popping images to encourage social sharing;
  • Optimise your blog for social media;
  • Use keywords (carefully);
  • Encourage followers & subscribers by offering free content.

See if I can help you some more with this SlideShare.

If it’s useful why not download it or share it with a friend?

Thanks to:

  • Jeff Bullas for writing, “Blogging the Smart Way” – you got me up and running.
  • CopyBlogger for helping me write better content (still lots to learn).
  • Donna Moritz at Socially Sorted for getting me started on my VISUAL social media craze.
  • The guys at Go Up Ltd for spelling out SEO in words of one syllable so I could understand!


I’d love it if you could let me know your thoughts; they’re always important to me.

And please … do share!

See you next week


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