A Sting in the Tail

Free small business promotion Virtuoso Assistant newsletter virtual assistantsSmall business support & promotion without a sting in the tail

You’re a small business, working hard on a shoe-string budget.

How do you feel when you receive emails or telephone calls offering you fabulous opportunities to market your business or advertise your services on websites and magazines, only to be stung at the last minute by a huge price tag?

It’s unrealistic, isn’t it, and slightly exasperating.

We realise that there’s no such thing as a free meal and nobody really expects something for nothing.

At Virtuoso Assistant we believe in providing entrepreneurs, freelance workers and small business owners with cost-effective business support services.

We also support the idea of collaborative working where small businesses pool resources, perhaps under one business umbrella, and give each other help and assistance with their own particular skills.


What do we offer at Virtuoso Assistant?

Our aim is to provide UK small businesses with a cost-effective and flexible alternative to hiring members of staff.

We also promote small businesses FREE of charge via our monthly newsletter, “Virtually News” and provide the sorts of informative business news and articles we feel every start-up, entrepreneur and small business owner needs to know.


Online PA Services

There are times when we all need a little assistance with back-office work – adding information to a database, creating and sending an email campaign, typing documents or managing emails and diaries.

Our ‘virtual assistants’ are available to work for you either on an hourly basis, to suit your budget, or on a pre-arranged, monthly basis for regular, ongoing assignments.

You simply pay for the time we work and nothing more – no extras, no breaks, no deposits and no employment contracts.  Why not take a look at how we can help?

Specialist Services

As well as providing essential online PA support we specialise in the following:-

  • Professional note-taking (for lawyers or human resources consultants who attend formal meetings or hearings during the course of their work and need an accurate and comprehensive set of typed notes)
  • Social media profile set-up and management (a flat rate of 2 hours is applied)
  • Content writing
  • VISUAL content creation (for use on websites, blogs and social media)
  • Landing page production and optimisation
  • Blogging for business.

Here’s how we helped our friends at the UK Outsourcing Centre by creating an image for an advert they could post across their social media platforms

Visual content creation Virtuoso Assistant

“Virtually News”

We promote and support UK small businesses FREE of charge via our monthly newsletter, “Virtually News“.

We run a regular article called “Small Business Showcase“, highlighting one business per issue which has shown particular innovation and creativity.  The opportunity for a month’s free promotion is open to a Twitter competition – simply send a tweet to @VirtuosoAssist with the hashtag #VirtuallyNews, and tell us why your business deserves to win a month in the spotlight.

For extra publicity the fabulous team at Bizitalk will tweet the winning business for a week on Twitter.

It’s that simple.

“Small Business Showcase” Winners

The Parlour, London – June 2014

The Parlour London Small Business Showcase Virtually News

Last month we picked The Parlour, London to be our winner as we felt that Jacqueline (owner and entrepreneur) had taken the idea of a hair salon and had given it an unusual twist by including services such BoHo Braids and glamorous Vintage Up-Dos. Jacqueline will ply you with an afternoon tea menu whilst her artists beautify you, and for ladies who want to have their hair styled before a big Saturday night out in Town, she will throw in a cocktail or two from her bar.


Hotwire Bags Ltd – July 2014

Hotwire Bags Ltd Small Business Showcase Virtually News

Hotwire Bags Ltd won a month’s promotion for their ingenious hiking backpacks. Stay safe and connected by keeping your smartphone or mobile device battery topped up using a solar-powered panel which is incorporated into the back of each bag.

 * * * * * * * * *

In addition to our regular “Small Business Showcase” article we keep our readers informed with news of relevant business events, financial articles, suggested networking groups and links to blogs, podcasts and presentations which will keep small business owners up-to-date.

We’re also proud to be able to provide our readers with regular discounts on services or products to make life a little easier.


What’s Next?

Over the next few months we’d like to transfer our newsletter to a digital platform with a view to offering advertising space. This will enable us to continue to run the magazine free of charge and provide our readers with more discounts, giveaways and business opportunities.

I think you’ll agree small business owners in the UK deserve as much support as we can give them and their ingenuity, their positivity and can-do attitude, their ability to turn nothing into something should be recognised and encouraged.


Expertise Required

If you have any ideas or if you can offer any assistance with regards to “Virtually News” – perhaps you have experience of selling advertising space – we’d be very happy to hear from you.  Please send an email to Nicky at hello@virtuosoassistant.co.uk, or drop a comment in the box below.

Thank you!



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