Virtual Assistants: Genies of the Office

Virtual assistants office support

You’ve all heard of Aladdin & the genie of the lamp?

Virtual assistants ARE THE OFFIce equivalent!

Well … they can’t really fit into an oil lamp or grant three magic wishes but they’d do an excellent job of finding perfect solutions to your business problems.

So what are the benefits to you of hiring a virtual assistant? 

Virtual assistants are multi-skilled professional business people in one package.

If you hire an employee, you hire them to carry out one job with particular parameters.

Hire a virtual assistant and you could have a first class Personal Assistant who has a flare for social media, creates effective email marketing campaigns, types detailed notes at meetings and then does a little transcription work when she has as moment.  Oh, and she understands the challenges of running a small business because she runs one herself.

They’re Jill-of-all-Trades, and very good at them all!


Hiring an employee is costly.  You will pay for:-

1)  Tax or National Insurance
2)  Holiday pay
3)  Sick pay
4)  Paid breaks
6)  Office overheads
7)  Equipment such as laptops, desks, chairs or telephones

Hire a virtual assistant and you will pay for:-

1)  Her time.

That’s it!


An employee is taken on for an agreed amount of time (either full or part-time) and contracts are binding.

Virtual assistants can be very flexible with time.  They will work on an ad hoc basis as and when you need extra help, or they’ll arrange to work with you on regular, ongoing assignments.

This gives you financial flexibility: work with your virtual assistant for as little or as long as your budget allows.

Location, location, location

An added bonus, which is sometimes overlooked, is that you’re not restricted to working with a virtual assistant within a certain geographical area.  I know of two virtual assistants who live in France and work all week, virtually, with clients in Britain!

At Virtuoso Assistant we have experienced, professional Personal Assistants who will cover the most essential of office tasks for you, such as:-

  • Letter and document production
  • Presentations
  • Email marketing
  • Transcription
  • Email and diary management, and a lot more.

Just click over to Everyday Virtuoso to read the details.

We also cover specialist areas at Specialist Virtuoso:-

  • Social media set-up, management and optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging for business
  • Visual content creation (for those all important blog and social media images)
  • Landing page creation
  • Business newsletters
  • Professional note-takers for HR Consultants and lawyers.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a win-win solution for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Why not send me an informal, obligation-free email and find out exactly how we can help you.  You might be pleasantly surprised and you have nothing to lose!


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Nicky Pasquier

[Founder, Virtuoso Assistant]


2 thoughts on “Virtual Assistants: Genies of the Office

  1. VirtuosoAssistant says:

    Thank you Wendy for your lovely comments. If I can help you in any way please do drop me a line, even if you need some advice about how to go about finding a suitable VA in your area. Have a great day!

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