How to Create Captivating Visual Content for Business

how to create visual content for business

Visual content is a crucial part of marketing strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Just by way of a recap, over the past few weeks I’ve explained why, as a small business or entrepreneur, it’s essential to:-

Stand out online

Get noticed by prospective customers

Build solid business relationships

Entice customers back to your website


One of the best tools with which you can achieve all these things is your business blog.  Hopefully by now you’ll have watched my series of “Bite-Sized Blogging Tips” and will be familiar with:-


Last week I started talking about visual content, specifically why it’s considered to be “jet fuel” for content marketing.

Why not refresh your memory and flick through the SlideShare that accompanied the tutorial – feel free to download the slides for your own reference.



I’d love for you to learn exactly how you can design your own images for business use.  Like most things, it’s a question of learning some basic techniques and then applying them in practice.

Before I get started, however, let me just kick one myth into the long grass!

You do NOT need to be an artist or professional designer to be able to create your own unique and branded images for business!


Right now you might be thinking to yourself,

“Why go to all this bother when I can buy an image?”

Well, that’s very true you can buy an image but, if you’re an entrepreneur or a small business, you’re going to blow your budget very quickly doing this.

I always think back to my days of commuting to work in London.  I used to stop just about every morning at my favourite coffee stand on the railway concourse to grab a cappuccino. It was only around £2.40 and it was worth every penny!   However, when I added up all those daily cappuccinos it amounted to nearly £50.00 per month.  

So save yourselves the expenses and start creating your own captivating visual content which is not only branded for your business but totally unique.  Some of the top social media and blogging experts do just this, such as Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted.  Donna was, in fact, the person who ignited my passion for visual content marketing.


FREE Video Tutorials for #Bizpreneurs

So here’s my plan for you.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be creating a set of 4 video tutorials exclusively for my wonderful #Bizpreneurs!

➸  Each video which will be under 10 minutes long to avoid information overload

➸  You’re free to watch the videos at your own pace, whenever you have the time.

➸  There will be easy, actionable steps to take during each video which you’ll be able to put to immediate effect (I may even have a few surprises up my sleeve).

➸  By the end of the series you’ll be able to go away and start creating eyeball grabbing, attention-seeking images which will help your brand stand out online and get noticed by prospective customers.

Here’s what we’ll be covering …


Video Tutorial Schedule

Video #1:  General overview of free tools and apps for image creation and photo editing (web-based and mobile).  Where to find free stock photo resources and where to purchase beautiful images for under $3.  How to check an image or photo licence agreement to avoid infringing copyright.

Video #2:  Getting started; uploading an image; resizing; adding text and image overlays; basic editing options.

Video #3:  Branding!  This is where it get’s really interesting.  Learn how to start branding an image by adding your business logo.  Create a branded ‘look’ with a colour palette & text overlays which reflect your business image.  Add a clickable hyperlink to your business URL.

Video #4:  More advanced tips: how to optimise SEO with images and why.  Optimum image sizes for social media platforms. Best tools for scheduling images on social media.


This offer is for a limited time only  after which each video will cost £25.00 to download.  By subscribing to my #Bizpreneur network today you will receive £100.00 worth of content, actionable tips, access to resources and other goodies FREE!

Are you ready TO GET STARTED?

Sign me Up!


I hope to see you all soon, please do ask any questions by adding your comments in the box below.

Have a great week!


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